MS Bandido Pennant x Docs Soula

Born: March 27 2020

Penny is super friendly, she loves to hang out with you and is a quick learner.  She has changed color quite a bit since birth and we are excited to see what color she ends up.


TAMU A Dreamin Diva x Catatomic

Born: April 14, 2020

Mac has come a long way.  He was our most fearful foal but has made leaps and bounds in his training and is now a sweet little guy.  


Shining Beauty x Catatomic

Born: April 15, 2020

Lena is the gentlest filly, she has been easy to train and thrives when learning something new. She is also very friendly and is usually seen with Penny.


Special Dose O Gun x Docs Soula

Born: April 26, 2020

Doc is a good looking guy.  He is curious and likes to think things through.  This makes him easy to work with and quite sweet. 

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