"Special Dose O Gun"

Ruth is a AQHA registered horse and up to date on all of her vaccinations.  Ruth enjoys to get in our pond with Diva. She is an excellent mother and a joy to work with.  Each of her foal has inherited her smarts and gentle nature.  She is currently bred to Big chex to cash and is due April 2021.


"TAMU A Dreamin Diva"

Diva was our first horse, her one-of-a-kind personality has surprised us again and again. Diva enjoys getting in our pond as well as getting sprayed by the water hose.  This was her first year as a mother and she proved to be up to the challenge of raising a colt.

She is AQHA registered and up to date on her vaccinations 


"Ms Bandido Pennant"

Bandit's personality has changed dramatically since we got her. At first she was basically uncatchable but has turn into our most gentle mare.  She is always happy to get petted and will drool on you as thanks.  She is a wonderful mother as well. She is AQHA registed and up to date on all her vaccinations.


"NAF Shining Beauty"

Anne is a in-your-pocket kinda horse. She is always close by and very curious. She has passed down this curiosity to her filly.  She was a maiden mare and has handled motherhood beautifully.

She is AQHA registered and up to date on all vaccinations. 

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