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TAMU A Dreamin Diva x Catatomic

Born: April 14, 2020

Mac has come a long way.  He was our most fearful foal but has made leaps and bounds in his training and is now a sweet little guy.  He definitely needs to a strong positive relationship with his trainer to reach his full potential, and will do whatever you ask once he trusts you. $3000


MS Bandido Pennant x Docs Soula

Born: March 27 2020

Penny is super friendly, she loves to hang out with you and is a quick learner.  She has had some beginning training and does well with the farrier.  She is eager to learn and enjoys interacting with us.  She isn't spooky and forgives easily.  She is ready to begin training with a firm and loving trainer.  Call for more information.  $3500


Goats for Sale:

We also have several Nigerian dwarf cross goats for sale 3 Does, 1 Buck and 4 weathers.  All are very friendly and petting zoo quality.  

Weanling weathers, 4 available $75

Whiskey, beautiful blue eyed 2year old buck $175

Midnight, 4 year old bred Doe $300

Butterscotch, 4 year old bred Doe $300

Moonshine, 2 year old bred Doe $300

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