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About our Horses

We own 4 AQHA registered broodmares that we breed to world-class stallions (usually reining stallions).  Our goal is to provide horses that thrive in reining, cutting, barrel racing or any of the western disciplines.  We currently have 4 new foals that will be for sale soon.

Our start
When we purchased Ruth, she was already bred to Big Chex to Cash.  Harry (left and below) was born on Valentine's day and was our first foal. He provided a valuable experience for us.  We sold him at nearly 2 years old to become a barrel racer.  We are confident he will do well in this and we can't wait to hear about his career.  
We own ~30 acres of land, over half of that is pasture for our horses to graze on and for our foals to test their legs on.  Located west of Houston, we get some stunning sunsets.  Its easy to get lost in the beauty of the land.  
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